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The Santo Domingo Tennis Club, Inc. was founded on April 25, 1957 and incorporated on June 29 of that year.

On Sunday February 8, 1959 the foundation stone for the construction of the clubhouse, officially inaugurated on December 8 was fixed.

The Santo Domingo Tennis Club was designed to establish and maintain clubhouse and grounds for social, athletic and recreational and for such purposes may establish, maintain and operate the clubhouse, restaurants, cafes, gym and other buildings and sports fields including tennis, boules and any recreational and / or sports games, as indicated in Article 1 paragraph a) of the statutes and regulations of the club.

The engineer Héctor J. Serralles was the first president of our institution in 1957.

Past presidents:

Ing. Héctor J. Serrallés 1957-1959
Dr. Pablo Íñiguez Pérez 1959-1960
Dr. Manuel Aquiles Rodríguez R. 1960-1961
Ing. Héctor Íñiguez Pérez 1961-1962
Dr. Antonio Frías Gálvez 1962-1963
Lic. Joaquín A. Sosa 1963-1964
Dr. Manuel Aquiles Rodríguez R. 1964-1966
Dr. Francisco Augusto Jupiter V. 1966-1967
Leoh León Sturla 1967-1968
Ing. Rafael O. Castillo 1968-1970
Lic. José E. Ravelo Álvarez 1970-1973
Gustavo Gómez S. 1973-1975
Ing. Federico Infante C. 1975-1976
Ing. Tancredo Aybar C. 1976-1977
Dr. Francisco A. Jupiter V. 1977-1982
Ing. Augusto Jupiter Abreu 1982-1983
Dr. Ariel Pérez Ubiera 1983-1985
Dr. Francisco García Sugrañes 1985-1986
Lic. José E. Ravelo Álvarez 1986-1989
Ing. Luis Manuel Guzmán 1989-1992
Arq. Antonio Hernández 1992-1993
Rubén Olivares 1993-1994
Teófilo Vargas 1994-1995
Ing. Luis Manuel Guzmán 1995-1996
Zoroastro Cucurullo 1996-1999
Mario Álvarez Soto 1999-2000
Dr. Roberto Rizik Cabral 2000-2006
Jaime Estévez Ferris 2006-2009
Dr. Roberto Rizik Cabral 2009-2014
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